custom vanity mirrors

Besides allowing you to groom to your hearts content, the reflective quality of the glass brings
light into a room.

Vanity Mirror by bear glass

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Vanity Mirrors are an excellent addition to any bathroom

Besides allowing you to groom to your hearts content, the reflective quality of the glass brings light into a room. Whether it is natural sunlight from a window or an electric light fixture, a vanity mirror will add the illumination necessary to highlight your beautiful bathroom.


Why Customize a Vanity Mirror?

  • Bathrooms can significantly differ in area and arrangement. Additionally, vanities can come in a variety of shapes and depths, and are often stuck in a corner or against a less central wall. All of this makes it harder to find just the right mirror, hence the need for customization.
  • Vanity mirrors are generally sold in only a few sizes, with basically no options for edging or glass style. We at Dulles & Glass make it easy to choose exactly what you want, be it a beveled edge or frosted glass. Whether you view your vanity as art or purely functional, we can accommodate your needs.
  • We know how much time and effort you have put into the design of your bathroom. Why settle for something less than ideal? Design is in the details; let us help you create your perfect vanity mirror.

Add safety backing online

  • If breakage occurs, glass fragments are held in place to reduce the risk of injury from scattered glass and make cleanup easier.
  • Strengthens the mirror overall, increasing impact strength to help prevent breakage.
  • Prevents moisture entrapment to keep mirror from delamination.

Mounting your custom fireplace mirror:

  • Mirror mastic can be used as an adhesive to glue the mirror to the wall for maximum safety
  • Mirror glass is heavy and fragile, so the supporting wall must be well supported.
  • J-bars or L-bars can be used to support the mirror in the bottom and top. Several different finishes and colors available including: Chrome, brushed nickel, and brass.

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