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v groving by bear glass

Bear Glass Glass VGrooving

Bear Glass is a glass company that is in the glass business for more than four decades or above, and Bear Glass specializes in glass v-grooving. Bear Glass can produce you the best product of any glass or mirror work. So when it comes to v-grooving, the choice should be none other than Bear Glass.


Bear Glass artisans can design any pattern by engraving a groove with modern v-grooving equipments on the surface of the glass. With the help of modern and upgraded v-grooving machines the expert workers can make custom engrave designs on any kind of glass. Some may be doubtful about how the v-grooving would work on a laminated glass or a toughened glass, but the expert workers from Bear Glass can make any difficult things possible with their best efforts supported by modern technology.

Bear Glass can do v-grooving on any architectural flat glass and mirrors. The v-grooved glass by Bear Glass can make the best of designer doors or front doors or windows. V-grooved glass can also be used as shower doors or in showcases. Bear Glass can make v-grooved table tops or cabinet tops too. Modern equipments help to make creative designs on the v-grooved glass surface, so you can always expect an awesome v-grooved glass work from Bear Glass.

Bear Glass v-grooves on stained glass also. No matter where you place the v-grooved stained glass by Bear Glass, it must give the place a new look. V-grooved glass can make a good partition wall that can keep your privacy on the other side of the door. Not only that, v-grooved mirrors or v-grooved art glass can also be considered as individual designer pieces that can make your home or your office place look more elegant.

v groving by bear glass

Bear Glass can help you design your v-grooved glass at their best. Bear Glass ships their v-groove glass products worldwide.

V-Grooving is available on:

  • Glass
  • Mirrors
  • Closet doors
  • Shower doors
  • Cabinet doors
  • Mirror furniture

and there are many different designs to choose from.

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