semi frameless sliding doors for tubs

Make your bathtub do double duty as a shower, but without an unsightly shower curtain. Unframed glass moves within the stainless steel frame that surrounds the shower opening.


Sliding Doors for Tubs



Make your bathtub do double duty

Make your bathtub do double duty as a shower, but without an unsightly shower curtain. Unframed glass moves within the stainless steel frame that surrounds the shower opening. Semi-Frameless doors are not only another design to choose from, but an alternative to frameless doors when two movable doors are needed by the bathroom layout.


Why Semi-Frameless sliding glass doors for tubs?


How they're exactly what you want

Did you know that you don't need to settle for standard sizes, and can have any tub enclosure you want? Choose the size of your enclosure. Choose the configuration. Choose height and width. Choose the type of glass. Choose the color of hardware. We manufacture it right here on our premises exactly how you ordered it. We are not an assembly line. We create a tub enclosure that is exactly what you decide you need, and we make it on site with great care.

How they increase the value of your house

If you ever need to sell your house, wouldn't you prefer that any prospective buyers see a quality tub enclosure in your bathroom? Research shows that small bathroom upgrades are one of the best ways to increase the future purchase price.

How Bear Glass handles your installation

The hassle-free home improvement. Initial quote, measurements, final quote, and, especially, clean, efficient installation—we watch carefully what happens to you all along the way. We put special attention into how we treat you and your home.

How easy it is to deal with any problems

And the hassle-free warranty, one of the best warrantees in the industry. For three years, glass, hardware, and glass treatment are completely covered by our company. Other manufacturers often do not cover hardware and glass treatment, leaving you on your own to find those manufacturers if there is a problem. Their warrantees also might not cover a full three years.

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How they look

Enjoy the contemporary, clean appearance of thick, frameless glass.

How they feel

The thick, tempered glass doors add a luxurious touch during a hectic morning. They are also easier to use than a shower curtain or thin shaky glass panels.

How they last

Substantial, quality glass is far less likely to break. The enclosure is unusually durable. The stainless steel hangers that grasp the panels overhead are fastened through holes drilled in the glass, unlike the shower doors of big box retailers, whose thin glass is held by glue inside poorer-quality aluminum hangers. Strong stainless steel hardware offers greater strength and longer life than low-quality aluminum.

How they clean

Household members will fight for this household chore over any other. Frameless glass panels, with no crevasses, are far easier to clean than framed panels. The metal parts of stainless steel instead of aluminum are also easier to keep in like-new condition. To keep your tub enclosure looking amazing, add ClearShield glass treatment, which actually bonds with the glass and keeps it very clear


Features include


Stainless steel hangers

Fully stainless steel sliding hangers with plastic rollers for smooth sliding in the header. Hanger is installed through the glass, not glued. Glue method ultimately fails, sags, and comes off the track. We use two hangers per glass door (4 total) – for added smoothness and comfortable sliding glass doors with no vibration or friction.

Sloped bottom track

Bottom track is designed with a 1/4" slope so that water runs down and towards your shower drain and doesn’t pool at the bottom. Without the slope, water collects on the bottom track, and ultimately, mold forms.

Bypass 'dual functioning' doors

Double sliding doors, also known as bypass sliding doors are used in our enclosures for added convenience and functionality.

Customizable handles and knobs

Towel bars, door knobs, handles – all installed through the glass. All customizable to your preferences.

Studier top bar

Header bar made of heavy gauge aluminum and holds the entire weight of the glass doors, typically 160-180 lbs. total.

Make your shower taller (80”)

Height of your shower: Home owners have the option of up to 80" for the height of their shower doors. Keeping the top bar high adds to the frameless look.

Optional side bars

Side metal jams are optional. You can opt for a clear plastic side jam also known as an "l-bracket," which work as a bumper for more of a frameless look.

Superior product craftsmanship

Superior craftsmanship, highest quality materials and thicker glass makes our semi-frameless sliding glass doors one of the longest lasting enclosures in the industry.


Why not turn your outdated washroom into a deliciously luxurious space where you can pamper yourself?

It does not take much to turn your bathroom into a space where you will actually want to spend more time.

A space where you can retreat into a haven of relaxation and blissful solitude; and a space from which you can emerge soothed, refreshed, and reenergized.

Sounds better than your moldy, not-so-fabulous vinyl shower curtain that is hiding some not-so-microscopic bacteria? You're probably right, it's time to upgrade and unwind after a long day of work in your own private oasis that will put any spa to shame, baby!

How do you add more luxury to fix bathroom space? Pimp-up that tub. Whether you have a separate tub enclosure or a bathtub-and-shower combination, adding a glass enclosure creates high-style without knocking down walls. Semi frameless bathtub sliding doors work within your existing space by fitting on top of your tub.


With advancements in manufacturing design, sliding bathtub glass doors are finally more practical for all home owners, too.

  • Our semi frameless glass sliders require less metal casing than traditionally framed sliding glass doors, making the doors easier to clean.
  • Also, our semi frameless sliding tub doors are trackless. There are no tracks that can break and no grime build-up in track crevices.
  • A flat sill forms the bottom frame of our semi-frameless tub doors and this allows water to roll back into the tub.
  • Unlike the outdated sliding tub doors, our new virtually frameless sliders come with the option of higher quality glass at 3/8" thickness that doesn't rattle or shake when opening and closing.
  • And finally, protecting glass clarity is no longer an issue. Our ClearShield glass treatment bonds directly to the glass, forming a hydrophobic layer.
  • It's finally practical to upgrade your bathroom look. Combined with accessories and glass design options such as smoky grey tinted doors and acid-etched patterns, your bathroom can achieve a unique style and flair.

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