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Bear Glass is proud to offer Pilkington Mirroview T.M to our customers. We have forged an alliance with Pilkington and will be offering a variety their products. We feel that Pilkington Mirroview is a fantastic product for a variety of reasons.

mirroview by bear glass

Pilkington MirroView™ is changing the way televisions and video screens are seen. It looks like a normal mirror when the screen is ‘off.’ When the screen is ‘on,’ the image shows through the mirror for a clear view of the screen behind it.

Pilkington MirroView™ is ideal for concealing televisions and video screens. With its highly reflective mirror coating on a clear substrate, it gives your televisions and video screens a modern, transitional look.

Pilkington MirroView™ works best in rooms with controllable ambient light, and cleans like ordinary windows.

Design Considerations

  • Orientation
  • Type of Lighting
  • Background Colors
  • Distances and Light Levels
  • 8:1 light ratio is recommended with subject
  • side brightly lit, and observer side dimly lit.


  • Ideal for hiding TV & video screens when not in use.
  • Coating quality will meet ASTM C 1376

    The reflective coating meets the performance specifications as published.

  • Available in 1/4" (6mm) thickness
mirroview by bear glass


  • Durable and Temperable
  • Easily handled and transported
  • No edge deletion required
  • Virtually unlimited shelf-life
  • Inventoried at Bear Glass


  • Board rooms
  • Hotel rooms
  • Bars and restaurants
  • Lobbies and Salons
  • Family rooms
  • Recreation rooms
  • Home theatres
  • Bathrooms
  • Living rooms
  • Bedrooms

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