laguna interior sliding glass doors

A minimalist design that makes people notice your room, not your glass doors.

laguna interior sliding glass doors by bear glass
laguna interior sliding glass doors by bear glass

The Beauty of Simplicity



A minimalist design

A minimalist design that makes people notice your room, not your glass doors. The substantial, tempered glass panels glide beneath a rod with wheels. A look that fits almost any interior decor.


Why Laguna Interior Doors?


How they're exactly what you want

At Bear Glass, you choose the exact size of your glass doors and panels. You choose the type of glass. You choose the color of hardware. We manufacture it right here at our site exactly how you ordered it. We are not an assembly line. We create individual products of glass, each one exactly what the customer wants, and each one made with great care.

How they increase the value of your house

Adding something this eye-catching could easily increase what your house is worth. Even simple luxury improvements are a plus.

How Bear Glass handles your installation

Every step goes smoothly-- initial quote, measurements, final quote, and, especially, clean, efficient installation. We respect your home, and treat it as though it were our own.

How easy it is to deal with any problems

Bear Glass has one of the best warrantees in the industry. For three years, both glass and hardware are completely covered. Other manufacturers might not include hardware, and often cover shorter periods of time.

How they look

Thick, tempered glass with an insulating layer helps unite all the other elements of your home's design—landscaping, architectural features, and furnishings. It connects the indoors with the outdoors.

How they feel

When you open an interior glass door from Bear Glass, it feels substantial and strong, with thick, durable glass, and minimal but sturdy top-of-the-line hardware.

How they last

Heavy tempered glass custom-cut at Bear Glass is far less likely to break. The doors are very durable because the stainless steel hangers that grasp the glass panels overhead are fastened through holes drilled in the glass. Stainless steel hardware lasts far longer that of lower-quality aluminum. When we make your sliding doors, we cut no corners.

How they clean

One of the easiest things to keep clean in your house. Unlike drywall or wood, just wipe it, and it is like new.

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