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The key with any gym or exercise room is that you want it to be inviting enough that you will
be drawn to it on a daily basis.

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Mirrors in your gym are not a luxury any more but a necessity

The key with any gym or exercise room is that you want it to be inviting enough that you will be drawn to it on a daily basis. Our quality true-reflection mirror glass can be customized and styled for a perfect fit and become the focal point of any exercise room.

Recommended Glass Sizes and Types

Your design can be achieved not only by customs cut sizes and shapes but also different thicknesses and types of mirror. We recommend the following types of mirrors for exercise rooms:

  • 1/8" Clear Mirror
  • 1/4" Clear Mirror
gym mirror by bear glass

Useful Tips and Tricky Design Ideas

Ever wonder why you look better in your favorite designer stores' mirror or your fancy gyms' mirrors? That's because they use ultra clear mirror, the glass that is used in this type of mirror contains less Iron content which eliminates the normal "green tint" from the glass. Result: A true, unhindered reflection that is unsurpassed in quality and presentation.

Bear Glass specializes in mirror fabrication and installation for:

  • Commercial and residential gyms
  • Yoga studios
  • Pilate studios
  • Ballet studios
  • Dance studios
  • Marshal arts studios
  • Spas

Wall to Wall Mirror Pricing

To get a price quote we need you to provide the basic measurements. Four pieces of information are needed:

  • Length of the entire wall
  • Height of the wall
  • Number and location of cut outs (including plugs, light switches, etc) and type of cut outs (single, double, or triple)
  • Access to the area (if there are stairs/elevators, small entryways, other obstructions)

For larger quantities of mirror we offer whole sale pricing with discounts. Bulk discounts can only be determined on individual basis please use our request a quote form to obtain whole sale pricing

What You Need to Know About Gym Mirrors:

  • Normally installed directly on the wall.
  • Mirror glass is heavy and fragile, so the supporting wall must be well supported.
  • All of our mirrors are "cut to fit" so you can be as creative as you want with your space.
  • Maximum size in one sheet of mirror is 84" by 130"
  • Sheets of mirror can be organized next to each other to cover an entire wall.
  • It is always nice to use the largest size mirrors for a "seamless look" but you need to make sure that there is enough access to the space and mirror sheets can fit through the doors and openings.
  • We normally use J-bars or L-bars to support the mirror in the bottom and top. Several different finishes and colors available including: Chrome, brushed nickel, brass and oil rubbed bronze.
  • We use mastic to glue the mirror to the wall for maximum safety.
  • Decorative Clips, Standoffs and Rosettes are also available. These can be installed either on the corners or thru the mirrors for achieving your desired look.
  • Decorative edges such as a beveled mirror edge are normally not used in exercise room mirrors.
  • Concerned about the openings in the wall? Worry no more, we can provide you with cut outs for your electrical outlets as well as larger openings for vents or TV mounts.
  • Safety Backing may be required depending on the size of the mirror and number of cut outs for various openings such as electrical outlets.

Wall to Wall Mirror Installation

We offer two types of wall to wall mirror installation: a Wall to Wall Installation and a Short of Wall Installation. Both types of wall mirrors can be installed within two weeks, if the residence is within our service area.

A Wall to Wall Installation involves measuring a mirror to perfectly "fit" one entire wall, from edge to edge. This involves a glass professional measuring all dimensions of the wall in order to account for any irregularities, cut outs and outages, etc. The ultimate product is a perfectly fitted piece of glass mirror

This type of installation usually requires the use of a "J-bar" along the bottom and finishes at a "butt joint" with the adjacent walls and ceiling. The remaining exposed edges are polished.

This method of putting in a mirror creates a more seamless, clean look. However, due to the labor intensive process, the cost of a Wall to Wall Installation is consequently higher.

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Short of Wall Installation

For a Short of Wall Installation, the customer provides the basic measurements to receive a quote; however, prior to installation a Dulles Glass & Mirror professional would need to get the final measurements.

The glass mirror will cover almost the entire wall, stopping about an inch from each edge. All outer edges of the mirror will be covered by J-bars. This type of installation is less exacting and labor intensive, which results in a lower cost.

Shop With Us

  • We carry more than hundred thousand square feet of Mirror in stock. Arguably the largest inventory in Virginia, Maryland and Washington DC area.
  • We custom cut all of our mirrors on site.
  • Capability of polishing all mirror products in house.
  • Capability of beveling all mirror products in house.
  • Fastest turn around time in the industry.
  • Price guarantee on larger orders.
  • Full three years warranty on all mirrors installed by our team.

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