framed sliding doors for tubs

A framed enclosure from Bear Glass features heavy glass and a stainless steel frame in your choice of color

frame-sliding-door-for-tubs by bear glass

Sliding Doors for Tubs



Traditional look

Do you want a traditional look for your tub enclosure? A framed enclosure from Bear Glass features heavy glass and a stainless steel frame in your choice of color. This is quite a contrast with the enclosures of many other companies, which have thin glass and lower-quality aluminum frames with no color choice.

frame-sliding-door-for-tubs by bear glass

Why framed sliding glass doors for tubs?


How they're exactly what you want

Did you know that you don't need to settle for standard sizes, and can have any tub enclosure you want? Choose the size of your enclosure. Choose the configuration. Choose height and width. Choose the type of glass. Choose the color of hardware. We manufacture it right here on our premises exactly how you ordered it. We are not an assembly line. We create a tub enclosure that is exactly what you decide you need, and we make it on site with great care.

How they increase the value of your house

Small bathroom upgrades are one of the best ways to increase your home's value. So something enhancing your daily life can also be an investment.

How Bear Glass handles your installation

We make your life easy--initial quote, measurements, final quote, and, especially, clean, efficient installation—we watch carefully what happens to you all along the way. We only hire installers who are polite and considerate.

How easy it is to deal with any problems

Enjoy the peace of mind provided by one of the best warrantees in the business. For three years, not just the glass, but also the hardware and glass treatment are completely covered by Bear Glass. Other manufacturers often do not cover hardware and glass treatment, forcing you to find those manufacturers if there is a problem. Their warrantees might also not cover a full three years.

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How they look

Add an enclosure with a traditional appearance, but more substantial, with thicker glass and heavy, high-quality frames in stainless steel.

How they feel

Open a door of thick, substantial glass each morning, instead of something thin and rattling.

How they last

Thick tempered glass from Bear Glass is far less likely to break, and therefore safer. Durable stainless steel hardware makes this a tub enclosure that endures, not like low-quality tub enclosures made with aluminum hardware.

How they clean

Stainless steel frames are much easier to clean than those of lower quality aluminum. To make maintaining your shower even easier, and looking like new, add ClearShield glass treatment, which bonds with the glass.


Framed Sliding Bathtub Doors


Building up gives small bathroom spaces a way to grab some glam by adding glass elements. The most affordable option is a framed sliding bathtub enclosure. It's less expensive because the glass doesn't need fabrication (precision cuts and notches) as frameless glass bath structures do. Save us work, we'll save you money.

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