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At Bear Glass we customize your wall mirror by cutting, beveling, polishing, sandblasting or back painting. Our workshops located at NY and NJ are fully equipped with modern machineries and expert crafts men to uniquely customize your need.


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Bear Glass provides glass, mirror, and shower door installation services throughout the greater Washington DC Metro Area. For the complete list of cities, please visit our service area page .

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Why Customize a Foyer Mirror?

Every foyer is different. Many ranch-style homes provide a wide walled entry as one steps inside, facing a wall and a choice of direction. Many two-story homes also have a two-story foyer and present the entry to the upstairs as well. However, off-the-shelf mirrors only come in few sizes and basic frames that limit creativity.

We make it easy for you to customize the perfect mirror for your space, while in the comfort of your own home. You specify size, shape and number of mirror panels; plus, choose your edge and glass style to create a unique look, from a beveled edge, peach tinted round mirror to a flat ground, rectangular clear mirror.

Why spend hours looking to choose a foyer mirror only to make-do with something in the end. Let us partner with you to create the perfect focal point for your foyer.


Mounting your custom foyer mirror:

  • Mirror Mastic can be used as an adhesive to glue the mirror to the wall for maximum safety.
  • Mirror glass is heavy and fragile, so the supporting wall must be well supported.
  • J-bars or L-bars can be used to support the mirror in the bottom and top. Several different finishes and colors available including: Chrome, brushed nickel, and brass.

Add safety backing online

  • If breakage occurs, glass fragments are held in place to reduce the risk of injury from scattered glass and make cleanup easier.
  • Strengthens the mirror overall, increasing impact strength to help prevent breakage.
  • Strengthens the mirror overall, increasing impact strength to help prevent breakage.

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